For Sale – Press and Bookbinding Tools

Hello again!

I feel that there is waaay too much stuff in my tiny apartment. Plus, it is a pity to have all these great bookbinding tools that I am not using very much, and I think it would be lovely if somebody else got to have them. I am not giving up bookbinding, but there is a point where you just have too many tools! Plus I need the money.

That said, I have taken dozens of pictures and put them together in a catalog (pdf file), along with individual prices as well as an discounted price for the whole lot. Do take a look: the catalog is here.

I will be sending this information out to all the bookbinders I can think of in the Lower Mainland, southern BC, and Washington State. However there may be many that I don’t know of – so please feel free to publish the link on your own social media accounts.